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Doniger / Burroughs Files Copyright Suit against LulaRoe

Venice, CA – The Doniger / Burroughs firm has filed suit on behalf of a European artist whose original work has been stolen by controversial fashion industry upstart LulaRoe. The artist created the “Cool Lion” artwork and exclusively owns the rights in his artwork, but that didn’t stop LulaRoe from copying the artist’s artwork onto garments that it then sold into the marketplace. The case is currently pending in the United States District Court in Los Angeles, California. Exemplars of the artwork at issue are set forth below (click the art for a more detailed image).

While the Cool Lion appears to be a pretty chill character, this infringement of an artist’s rights is just cowardly.

The plaintiff in this case is represented by Scott Alan Burroughs, Esq. of Doniger / Burroughs.


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Doniger / Burroughs Prevails on Summary Judgment in Fashion Law Case

Venice, CA – In a decision out of the Central District of California today, the Honorable Otis D. Wright II has granted summary judgment in favor of a Doniger / Burroughs client on a copyright claim involving the misappropriation of a fabric design. The artist in that case created the design at issue and was successfully marketing fabric bearing said design when the defendant, B&Y Fashion, began selling garments bearing a direct copy of the artist’s design. Judge Wright approved the arguments advanced by Doniger / Burroughs on behalf of the artist and found that B&Y was liable for copyright infringement.

Scott Alan Burroughs, Esq. and Trevor W. Barrett, Esq. of Doniger / Burroughs represent the plaintiff.

Orlando Cabanday, Esq. represents the defense.

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Daily Journal Quotes Firm Partners Stephen Doniger and Scott Burroughs in Article on Fashion Law

Amanda Schallert, writing in the Daily Journal, describes how design house plaintiffs have seen recent success in the courts. These successes often arise in situations where garment and retail companies misappropriate artwork created by the design houses and incorporate the artwork into garments to sell at market.

She writes:

Fashion lawyers point to the successes of Venice-based Doniger/Burroughs as the reason textile copyright litigation has increased over the past five years, due to the firm’s six-figure jury verdicts and the sheer number of complaints it churns out.

Firm partners Stephen Doniger and Scott Burroughs are also quoted in the piece:

“What that shows us is that these infringers see these lawsuits as a cost of doing business,” Scott A. Burroughs said. Instead of hiring artists, “they’d rather go out and look at what is popular and copy those designs.”

“If you don’t know what the providence of the artwork you’re working with is, caveat emptor,” Doniger said.

You can read the full piece at (subscription required).

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