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Doniger / Burroughs Files Copyright Infringement Suit on Behalf of Z Paneva Studios against C. Wonder

Los Angeles, CA – C. Wonder, the clothing and lifesyle company started by Tory Burch ex-husband Chris Burch, has been named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by the artist behind Z Paneva Studios. The suit alleges that certain C. Wonder dinnerware and serving sets bear artwork stolen from Z Paneva Studios. Click on the link below to see two representative examples. The Paneva designs are on the left, the C. Wonder products are on the right:

Paneva v. C Wonder Design Exemplars

The case is captioned Zlatka Paneva v. C. Wonder, LLC; et al., CV 12-5208 GW (FFMx), and is currently pending in United States District Court in Los Angeles, California. Z Paneva Studios is represented by Scott A. Burroughs and David R. Shein at Doniger / Burroughs APC.

For more information contact Kenneth Holmes at (310) 590-1820.

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9th Circuit Unanimously Denies Petition for Rehearing in Copyright / Fashion Battle

Culver City, California – Alleged copyright infringers Ms. Bubbles, Inc. and Aeropostale, Inc. did not respond favorably to an April decision of the 9th Circuit that obliterated a district court victory obtained by the companies. The two parties filed a lengthy and strident Petitition for Rehearing, requesting that the Court revisit its clear, well-written decision. Doniger / Burroughs opposed the Petition, arguing that the decision was thorough and true. The Court today unanimously and roundly rejected the Petition, and instructed the alleged infringers to file no further Petitions. The Court’s ruling is here:

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News Outlets Report on Doniger / Burroughs Victory at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals – Fashion / Copyright Law

A round-up of reportage from around the web and beyond in regard to the recent published Opinion handed down by the 9th Circuit. In the Opinion, the Court unanimously finds in favor of Doniger / Burroughs client, L.A. Printex:

The Daily Journal’s print edition contained an in-depth piece that included quotes from Doniger / Burroughs attorney Scott Burroughs. (Print subscription required).

The Courthouse News also posted an article on the victory:

As did The Recorder: (Subscription required).

And Bloomberg Businessweek:

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