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Doniger / Burroughs Prevails on Summary Judgment in Fashion / Copyright Dispute

Venice, CA – Judge Beverly O’Connell this week issued a blockbuster written opinion granting a motion for summary adjudication filed by Doniger / Burroughs attorneys Scott Alan Burroughs, Esq. and Trevor W. Barrett, Esq. The motion sought a determination of the question of whether Connection 18, a New York fashion company, had committed infringement when it exploited without authorization certain floral artwork developed and owned by a Doniger / Burroughs client. Connection 18 printed the artwork on tops it sold into the fashion marketplace. The artwork (left) and an exemplar of the infringing tops (right) are pictured below:

uni designinf design

Mr. Barrett argued the motion at hearing opposite Connection 18’s counsel, Peter E. Perkowski, Esq. Judge O’Connell found Mr. Barrett’s advocacy persuasive, and granted the motion in full, resolving the issue of liability for copyright infringement in favor of the Doniger / Burroughs’s client. The case will proceed to trial this fall to address the amount of damages that Connection 18 must pay as a result of its infringement.

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Doniger / Burroughs Prevails on Summary Judgment in Fashion Industry Dispute

Venice, CA – Premier Fabrics, a fabric design studio with offices in Los Angeles and New York, brought suit against two companies that had copied one of Premier’s proprietary textile designs and sold garments bearing the unauthorized copies. The defendants denied infringement, and the case progressed to the summary judgment stage. In a ruling issued on December 21, 2015, the Court granted Premier’s motion for summary judgment and found that the defendants had committed copyright infringement through their unauthorized exploitation of Premier’s proprietary copyrighted work. The case will now proceed to trial on ancillary issues and damages.

Premier is represented by Scott Alan Burroughs and Trevor W. Barrett of Doniger / Burroughs. For additional information, call Grace Garcia at (310) 590-1820.

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Doniger / Burroughs Defeats Urban Outfitters’ Motion to Dismiss

Venice, California – The Court has ruled on a significant motion filed by Defendant Urban Outfitters in a case related to a recent finding by a Federal Court jury that Urban Outfitters had committed willful copyright infringement by knowingly selling garments bearing a knock-off of a Unicolors design. Urban moved the Court to dismiss this related action, and sought over $10,000.00 in sanctions against Doniger / Burroughs. In response, Doniger / Burroughs argued that the motion was devoid of merit and was an attempt to evade liability for an egregious act of copyright infringement. The Court agreed with Doniger / Burroughs, and denied Urban Outfitters’ motion in its entirety. Law360 has additional details here:

Unicolors, Inc. is represented by Scott A. Burroughs and Trevor W. Barrett.

Urban Outfitters is represented by Tara L. Martin and Miles D. Scully.

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