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Doniger / Burroughs Prevails at the Ninth Circuit in Fashion Law Case Against Urban Outfitters

Venice, CA – The Ninth Circuit today published its highly anticipated Opinion in the matter styled Unicolors, Inc. v. Urban Outfitters, Inc.; et al. The Opinion rejected the arguments advanced by Urban Outfitters and affirmed the propriety of the $520,000.00 judgment obtained by Doniger / Burroughs client Unicolors and entered against Urban Outfitters in the underlying copyright infringement action, which arose after Urban Outfitters copied Unicolors’ artwork onto garments that it sold across the United States. Urban Outfitters was found to have willfully violated Unicolors copyrights, a finding that has now been upheld on appeal.

A discussion of the case and Opinion can be found here: https://www.law360.com/ip/articles/909257/urban-outfitters-can-t-scrap-fabric-ip-loss-at-9th-circ

Doniger / Burroughs attorneys Scott Alan Burroughs, Esq. and Trevor W. Barrett, Esq. represented the prevailing plaintiff and appellee.

Gordon Rees attorneys Stephanie P. Alexander, Esq. and Tara L. Martin, Esq. represented the defendant and appellant.

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Doniger / Burroughs Enforces Photographer’s Rights in Iconic Hip-Hop Images

Venice, CA – Doniger / Burroughs has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit in Federal Court on behalf of esteemed Brooklyn photographer Dana Lixenberg. The suit seeks to enforce Ms. Lixenberg’s rights in a number of well-known photographs she captured of hip-hop legends Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur during the height of their popularity in the 1990s.

Ms. Lixenberg’s photographs have been misappropriated and incorporated in numerous items of clothing marketed and sold by retailers Forever 21, Target, Urban Outfitters, and Macys. See below for one exemplar of the illicit merchandise at issue in the case:




biggie knock off F21c

Ms. Lixenberg seeks to restrain the defendants from the unauthorized use of her photographs, as well as recover copyright infringement damages.

Dana Lixenberg is represented by Scott Alan Burroughs and Justin M. Gomes.

For further information, contact Grace Garcia at (310) 590-1820.

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Doniger / Burroughs Obtains Fee Award of Over $357,000.00 Against Urban Outfitters [Copyright Law] [Fashion Law]

Meet the Team – Doniger / Burroughs Law Firm

Venice, CA – Earlier this year, Doniger / Burroughs tried to a jury a copyright infringement case against retail chain Urban Outfitters. The claims at issue were that Urban Outfitters had copied one of the plaintiff’s fashion designs at an overseas mill, and then sold garments with the knock-off design to its customers under its “FREE PEOPLE” label. Urban Outfitters denied all charges, claiming a variety of defenses that were all found to be bogus. A unanimous jury returned a finding of willful infringement against Urban Outfitters, and Doniger / Burroughs thereafter filed a motion to recover the attorneys’ fees incurred in prosecuting the infringement claim.

Urban Outfitters argued that no fees should be awarded, but this position was also rejected. Late last week the Court awarded over $357,000.00 in attorneys’ fees, and another $9,000.00 in costs, under the Copyright Act.

Scott A. Burroughs and Trevor W. Barrett of Doniger / Burroughs represented the plaintiff.

Miles D. Scully and Tara L. Martin of Gordon & Reese represented the defendants. 

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